500 I.U Gray Top HGH 191AA - (3,3mg,10 iu/vial) 5 Kits of 100IU - 100% Original

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We have a large stock of 500 I.U Gray Top HGH 191AA - (3,3mg) -10 IU/vial Original and Premium Grade. We do source our Gray Top HGH 191AA directly from Europe Generics laboratories and offer them online to customers at affordable rates. We guaranteed all our Gray Top HGH 191AA to be 100% original (No risk of consuming our HGH). We secure more than 1500 kits of Gray Top HGH 191AA every week from Europe Generics for our regular customers. We also wholesale Gray Top HGH 191AA, contact us for more details.

We wholesale and retail 500 I.U Generic Gray Top HGH 191AA (100% Orginal Brand). Our Gray Top HGH 191AA are available now at discount price that include shipping and discreet overnight delivery. HGH is a highly purified protein with 191 amino acid residues.

Gray Top HGH 191AA - (3,3mg) -10 iu/vial

Condition New
Supplier: Europe Generics manufacturer
Chemical Name: Somatropinum
Comes In: 10IU vial(3.3mg)
Dosage: Men 2-6IU total daily
Active time: Varies by injection method
Class: Growth Hormone
EXP. DATE - FEB. 2021

-Shipping discreet
-One time resend policy for all countries
-100% success rate to USA, U.K, Russia, Europe, & Australia

HGH Serum test level: 10 iu (over 20ng/ml ) Somatropin 191AA is one of the highest quality renditions of the human growth hormone powder in its freeze-dried format. The 191 in the name stands for the amino acids which produce an optimal compatibility with our human body. HGH essentially works like a fountain of youth with our bodies and helps us to reduce our overall body fat, increase muscle mass, improve the function of our immune system, enhance our sexual performance, provide us with higher energy levels, give us a greater cardiac output and make us look younger as well. No other antiaging medication available on the market can have such fantastic and immediate results. When it comes to general health and healing most people take around 2-3IU’s each day. 1.5-2 IU’s is ideal for anyone that's middle-aged. If you are interested in seeing a big performance boost you should consider taking anywhere between four-8 Iu’s each day. While the product can be left out for up to a month at a time, it's important to store it at around 2 to 8°C. You will also need bacteriostatic water to administer this medication.

**Bacteriostatic Water not included

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